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Grace Notes International, Inc.

Don La Plac‚Äča

Evangelistic Musical Outreach

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The Master

Posted on February 15, 2013 at 10:17 AM
 I am often asked what type of instruments I play and their value. I'm kind of hesitant to talk about things like that. Because it's not about the instrument or the value of it, but it is all about the player. I know people who have high-end Taylor guitars that cost way up into the thousands of dollars, but when they play the high-end guitar it sounds like a $50 guitar. In the hands of a master he can take anything and make it sound beautiful. This is just like coming to Jesus, it doesn't matter how wealthy you are or how poor you are, when you honestly give everything to him and make a full surrender to him and lay your all at his feet, and take your hands off of it, then he takes over and will do something beautiful with it. But there must be a full surrender to the master.

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